Blacked out BMW E92 335i+ aka BATM4N [Video]


Hello and welcome to my new Youtube series called ‘Stories’. It’s something I wanted to do for a while and immediately after moving to Sweden, I realised that now is the time to do it.

So what’s this all about you ask? Well the idea is simple. I’m looking to find people just as obsessed with cars as I am and talk with them on camera about cars. More specifically their own cars. So I’ve started my search on Instagram, off course. And one of the first cars that caught my eye was this absolutely stunning BMW 3-Series E92 335i build by a guy called Martin.

I’ve contacted him, told him what I wanted to do and he agreed to film the first ever CARtuned Story.

Now without further ado, let’s just jump into it. I’ve always liked the BMW E92. I think it’s one of that classic BMW designs that will never grow old. It’s still a relatively small two door coupe and I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this car is gorgeous looking to me.

But there’s one thing I never fully understood: why would people chose a 335i over an M3 when it comes to BMW’s E92 chassis? How can someone voluntarily pick a three liter twin turbo inline six over a screaming V8. How?! In order to understand why, Martin took me for a spin in his highly modified and mean looking E92 335i.

But first, a word from the performance mods department.

We have a VRSF 7” FMIC, an Injen Cold Air Intake and a Burger Tuning JB4+ G5 2STEP engine tune. And all of these mods talk to the people outside of the car via a custom straight pipe exhaust system with catless downpipes.

The car rides on 19″ 359M Alloy Wheels, M3 CRT wheels which are quite rare, with 10mm front spaces. It’s low to the ground with the help of the D2 Racing Pro Street Coilovers and stoping power is provided by the Zimmermann Sport brakes.

There are a number of exterior cosmetic mods as well. Martin’s E92 features an M Performance front grill, side skirts, rear spoiler and rear diffuser, LED Angel Eyes, ARKYM Front Splitter, Custom carbon fibre rear splitters, Custom carbon canards and E92 M3 wing mirrors.

…a generous E92 M3 donated its interior…

And last but not least, a generous E92 M3 donated its interior to Martin’s BATM4N. It now has an M3 Nappa leather interior, 3M wrapped interior panels and M Performance Alcantara Steering Wheel.

Not bad huh? And what I like the most about Martin’s car is just how well these mods all fit together. Nothing on this car feels out of place and I especially love the custom carbon fiber bits.

Power is now up to 400+hp and the engine pulls really hard. And if you floor it in first or second gear, you get a wonderful tail wiggle that you can hold on to until you release the throttle pedal. The car is wonderfully balanced, it’s loud, it’s really not as uncomfortable as it looks. The E92 M3 seats are a wonderful addition as they’re quite comfortable and also offer great side support.

The M Performance alcantara steering wheel looks and feels wonderful to the touch and from now on I will never question another bimmer owner that wears driving gloves.

And even though the N54 engine is known for having some issues, in Martin’s three and a half years of ownership he experienced none and mind you, this is not a garage queen, it’s his daily driver and a trusty long journey partner.

But yeah, after spending the day with Martin’s car, I now fully understand why someone would chose a 335i over an M3 without looking back. With a few tweaks here and there and some well thought out mods, you can turn a 335i into a rather special machine.

Granted, it’s not a special as a naturally aspirated V8 but hey, neither are the maintenance bills.

Follow Martin’s build here:

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