BMW M2 LCI Driving Modes + ‘Secret’ Exhaust mode! [Video]


Today’s video is all about the M2’s awesome exhaust system. Every sound you here is this video is coming from the stock exhaust of a 2018 BMW M2 LCI.

Now unlike other M cars, the M2 uses the same driving modes as ‘regular’ BMWs. Meaning you have Comfort, Sport and Sport+. And as you’ve seen in my quite clickbait(y) title, there’s also a secret exhaust mode. Well, it’s not really secret but not a lot of people know about it.

On the BMW M2 when you press the traction control button once, the car enters a so called MDM Mode. Short for M Dynamic Mode. And in this mode, the exhausts has the valves fully open.

Listen to how the car sounds like in each of these mods in the video below:

Thumbnail picture by: Andrei Bucsa

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