Clinched widebody Ford Mustang S550 – Absolute PERFECTION! [Video]


I’ve just checked my Instagram messages. Yes, that’s the tool I use to ‘stalk’ and convince people to make a video with me about their car. And after doing that, I’ve just realised that it’s been almost eight months since the first conversation I’ve had with Johnny about filming his awesome Mustang.

It felt a bit weird at first when he told me: ‘Do you really need to film the car this season? Can’t you wait until spring time? I’ve got some pretty cool upgrades planned’. I insisted we try to film the car as soon as posible but we just couldn’t sync our schedules at all and winter came.

And well, to be honest, I’m really glad we didn’t manage to film the car last year because just have a look at the car now:

…’well this is a bit extreme’…

It is mind blowing and really, the pictures don’t do the car justice at all. You have to see it in person. It’s impressive. It has a Clinched widebody and lots of carbon fibre parts from Anderson Composites and TruFiber.

But what I found most impressive about this car, is just how well everything fits together. After you glance at the modifications list you might think: ‘well this is a bit extreme’. But after experiencing this car in real life I can safely say that it’s not. It’s just right. It’s wide, it’s low, it’s LOUD, it’s PERFECT!

It’s pretty much impossible to pick one thing as the highlight of this build because it has it all and everything is so well done. It looks great, it sounds awesome, it’s pretty fast and just look at that gear lever.

Yes, yes, it’s an automatic. Johnny wanted a manual but he didn’t really want to wait six to eight months to get one. And I can’t really blame him.

The interior is also pretty crazy. The door panels have been completely redone with the help of the guys at BRL electronics and they’ve also been painted in the car’s exterior colour. Nice touch!

But yeah, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve loved my time with Johnny’s Mustang. I feel so grateful to the people in the car community from Sweden, that take a few hours from their precious time to film a video for my little ol’ youtube channel.

That’s it. Go watch the video. Give it a thumbs up if you like it, subscribe if you haven’t and share it so that other people can see this awesome build!

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