How much does it cost to buy and own a BMW M2 LCI? [Video]


Because I’ve received quite a lot of messages from my youtube subscribers about this topic, I figured I’d do a video about it.

So here goes nothing. Today I’m going to talk you through the buying options you have when you want to purchase a car and I’m also going to explain to you why I chose to finance mine. You’ll get to learn about some of the ownership costs of the BMW M2 and lots more.

Please do not take financial advise from anybody on the internet. You know your situation better than anyone and what might apply for some people might not necessarily apply to you. This video is meant to be a simple discussion between friends in which I tell you how I got to own my dream car.

Thumbnail picture by: Andrei Bucsa

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Disclaimer: I'm quite the BMW fanboy!

By Paul Mihai

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