New BMW X3M / X4M Competition: 510HP, M xDrive and more! Here’s 5 Things You Need To Know.


The Bavarians have finally pulled the covers of their brand new M-Division SUVs: the BMW X3M and X4M. And just like they’ve started doing with the new BMW M5, both cars have Competition siblings. So without further ado, here’s 5 things you should know about this new car.

1. Exterior

These being M versions of the X3 and X4, they feature M-specific body parts. Beefier front and rear bumpers, bigger side skirts, signature M wing mirrors, 20” wheels and last but not least a quad exhaust system.

The all-new BMW X3M and X4M Competition models.

2. Engines

A very important part of every M-car is its engine. But this time around it’s even more important because this is basically the engine that will end up in the upcoming BMW M3. It’s new, dubbed S58 and as you can see down below, the numbers are pretty impressive!

3. Drivetrain

This being an M-SUV, it comes as standard with BMW M xDrive all-wheel drive system that debuted in the new M5. But unlike the system in the sedan, this one can’t be configured to send all its power to the back wheels. Instead it has only two modes: 4WD and 4WD Sport. The latter sends most of the power to the back wheels and only ads the front in the mix if things get problematic 🙂

Both the BMW X3M and X4M come with am 8 speed automatic transmission from ZF. You all know it, it’s the same gearbox featured in the M5 and most of BMW’s lineup. Then there’s the M specific variable ratio steering rack, electronically controlled dampers and M specific compound brakes.

Finally the cars will be fitted with an Active M-Differential at the back that allows the M xDrive system to split the engine’s power between all four wheels to ensure that you have optimal traction at all times.

4. Interior

The interior has some bits and bobs lifted directly from the M5. The two red M buttons on the steering wheel where you can store your preferences, a red started button and the same whale penis shifter from BMW’s super sedan.

Then we have the M-specific instrument cluster, an M-specific steering wheel, some carbon trims around the car and electronically adjustable sports seats

5. Competition Models

Like I’ve said in the beginning these two cars now get Competition models as well and on top of what I’ve previously mentioned these Competition cars get a bit of extra spice. On the outside, the grille, mirror caps and the rear spoiler are all painted in black. To finish up the look they come as standard with 21” wheels and an M-sport exhaust system.

The engine has also been spiced up a bit.

The BMW X3M and X4M also get M Sport seats with extended Merino leather upholstery, model-specific door sill plates and a model nameplate on the centre console.

So there you go, if taking your kids to school in comfort and luxury is not enough for you, now you also get to scare them on the way there.

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