The OG M-Car: BMW E30 M3 [Video]


I’m usually a guy that can talk cars from early morning until I go to bed late at night but after experiencing this BMW E30 M3, I’m left speechless.

Or actually I think the problem might be that I don’t have the necessary skills to properly translate my feelings into words.

What I experienced thanks to my friend’s Ronnie is a near stock BMW E30 M3 driven in anger on a beautiful summer afternoon. And this changed the way I look at cars completely.

The S14. A proper motorsport engine. Something newer M-cars don’t have anymore.

It’s not the power or the sound of the engine, I think the M2 has that covered. It’s more the chassis. It gives you so much feedback from the road and you can do things with it that I’m not sure I would be able to do with my M2.

And that makes it more thrilling. Because you can drive the car to the limit most of the time.

I wouldn’t really be surprised if down the line I would sell my BMW M2 and go back in time and buy a ‘proper’ M-car.

And also, it’s just the perfect size. Just look at this shot, side by side with my M2. The smallest modern two door coupe BMW M-car.

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By Paul Mihai

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