This BMW E36 has a 2 meter wide Musk Customs wing on it! [Video]


A two meter wide wing on the back, Shakotan style exhaust, overfenders and aluminium spike lug nuts for the wheels. This BMW E36 has it all!

After an on going build for the past three years, this season will be the last of this car’s current look, says Rellen, the owner of this BMW E36 said. He has exciting plans with the car, some of which include mounting a Lexus V8 engine in it! But short term, the car will have new wheels, a new paint job and a Musk Customs bacon kit.

Before we go on, if you’re here for the wing jokes, check the video above 😉

Let’s talk a bit about the current look of the car. It now has a 320i engine with upgraded internals taken from a 323i and a Shakotan style straight pipe exhaust. The car rides on 18” black chrome Cosmis Racing XT-206R wheels and a 2 meter wide Musk Customs rear wing sits proudly on the boot.

The wheels are the only black chrome set in Sweden and to make them stand out even more, Rellen fitted them with 150mm aluminium lug nuts.

The car was wrapped in grey and it’s 45mm wider on each side than a stock BMW E36. Thanks to those cool Felony Form overfenders of course.

What more can I say? This is the craziest build I’ve ever seen so far, but even though it incorporates so many styles, it just sort of, works!

Follow Rellen’s BMW E36 build here:

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