I want a BMW M2 Coupe Edition Black Shadow


Actually I just want the wheels, rear diffuser and the black chrome tail-pipes. I already have the other stuff, like the chassis, the engine, the (correct) gearbox and so on.

But I diverge (as I always do). What is the Edition Black Shadow you ask? It’s supposed to be the current (and best) M2’s swan song and you can only order it in Black. It comes with those lovely matt black 19″ wheels, carbon side mirror caps, black kidney grille, black chrome exhaust tips and that’s about it really.

I don’t remember exactly what the bavarians are celebrating with this BMW M2 Black Shadow but its got to be either the fact that the M2 is the best selling M car in 2017 (12.000 units shifted) or it’s the fact that the new M2 Competition will be so expensive that it’ll finally stop eating into those M4 sales.

No wording on the price however, but if you can and it’s reasonable priced, get one, because it’s only going to go up in value once the M2 Competition (or whatever it’s going to be called) is going to be launched.

If you’re a fan of this car, check out my ‘Living with the BMW M2‘ series on youtube

Pictures from BMW Group’s Press Office

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