You NEED to hear this supercharged Audi RS4 (B7)! [Video]


One of the targets I’ve set for myself when I decided to start my ‘Stories’ video series was to film a large variety of cars. And since I don’t really have a lot of Audis on my channel or on my website, I’ve decided to contact Fredrik to see if he was interested in filming his quite awesome Audi RS4 B7 sedan.

Fortunately he said yes and we decided to meet up on a Sunday at Uppsala Slott. And what I found that day was the most complete car I’ve filmed so far on my channel. Of course us car guys are never satisfied with our cars no matter how much work we put into them, but let me explain myself.

Fredrik’s car is an Audi RS4 B7, the first and probably last RS4 sedan to ever see the light of day. But that’s only one of the reasons why this car is so special. The other reasons are the mods.

First off, the performance

There’s an APR TVS1320 supercharger kit installed on the car, new ECU maps and a catless Milltek exhaust system. And all of this takes this car INSANELY loud and quite fast as the horsepower figure is now close to 600. Which is a lot by any standards.

Then the car has an air suspension kit fitted to it, ceramic brakes taken from an Audi S6 or S7 and just look at those 20″ BBS CH-RII wheels. I LOVE them!

…did I mention that the car spits flames?

The headlights have been changed as well, they now feature clear lenses with RS logos on them and the car is wrapped in this lovely IMSA tribute livery. There’s an alcantara wrapper steering wheel on the inside and of course, a manual transmission.

Plus, did I mention that the car also spits flames? Check out the video to see and hear the car in action.

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